8 Best Liquid CPU Coolers In 2022

The 8 best liquid CPU coolers in 2022 are the Corsair H100i Pro, the NZXT Kraken X72, the be quiet! Dark Rock 4, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360, the Cryorig A40 Ultimate, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB, the Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro and the Antec Kühler H1200 Pro.

These liquid CPU coolers offer a variety of features such as RGB lighting, high cooling performance and silent operation. The Corsair H100i Pro is a 240mm cooler that comes with two 120mm SP120L PWM fans for excellent cooling performance. It also has Corsair Link software that allows you to customize its lighting and fan speeds.

1-Corsair Hydro Series H100i Pro

Corsair’s Hydro Series H100i PRO is a 240mm all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 120mm radiator that has been designed to offer extreme cooling performance and silent operation. The H100i PRO features Corsair’s new ML120 RGB LED fans which offer 16 independent zones of illumination and can be controlled using the Corsair Lighting Node Pro (sold separately). The cooler also includes a CORSAIR Commander PRO digital fan controller which allows you to individually adjust fan speeds and RGB lighting for up to six fans.

2-Lian Li Galahad

The Lian Li Galahad is a mid-tower computer case that is designed to provide users with a sleek and stylish option for their gaming PC. The case measures in at 505 x 210 x 505 mm (WxHxD), and it comes in both black and white color options. It is made from aluminum, which gives it a solid and high-quality feel, and it includes three 120 mm fans for cooling. Additionally, there is room for up to six hard drives, three optical drives, and four PCI cards.

3-Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2

The 3-Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2 is a high-end liquid CPU cooler that features a 240mm radiator, two 120mm PWM fans, and a copper water block. It’s designed for use with CPUs with TDPs of up to 200W, and it offers excellent cooling performance and noise levels. The Captain 240 Pro V2 also comes with a variety of features that make it easy to install and use, including a built-in fan controller, LED lighting, and support for both AMD and Intel CPUs.

4-NZXT Kraken X53

The NZXT Kraken X53 is a high-performance, all-in-one CPU cooler that is designed to provide users with optimal cooling performance and quiet operation. It features a 240mm radiator, two PWM fans, and a host of other features that make it an ideal choice for gamers and enthusiasts. The Kraken X53 is also very easy to install, making it the perfect solution for those who are looking for an upgrade or who are building a new system.

The Kraken X53 is NZXT’s latest flagship AIO cooler. It features a large 280mm radiator, two 140mm fans, and support for both Intel and AMD processors. The Kraken X53 is also one of the first AIO coolers to feature RGB lighting, which can be customized using the NZXT CAM software. In terms of performance, the Kraken X53 was able to keep our test system well below thermal throttling temperatures even when overclocked. Overall, the Kraken X53 is an excellent AIO cooler that offers great performance and impressive RGB lighting.

5-EVGA CLC 280mm

DeepCool is a company that makes a variety of high-end PC parts and cooling systems, most notably their Assassin series of CPU coolers. The Assassin III was announced earlier this year and it’s the successor to the popular Assassin II. It’s a fanless cooler with an aluminum heatsink and three fans. The cooler is designed for 65W or less processors and has an MSRP of $59.99.

DeepCool’s Assassin III fans will appreciate the latest addition to the popular mid-tower chassis. The Assassin III features a new paint job with stark black and dark green highlights, as well as subtle red accents on the front and top paneling. The base of the case is made from sturdy steel while the 5.25″ drive bays are covered by removable dust filters. Graphics cards up to 380mm in length can be installed without having to remove the motherboard tray, and DeepCool has included two fan mounts for added cooling potential.

6-Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix

Corsair has announced their new flagship liquid CPU cooler, the H150i Elite. It features a 360mm radiator, six Capellix RGB LED fans, and Corsair’s iCUE software for controlling the LEDs and fan speeds. The radiator and fans are all mounted to a large aluminum shroud that helps improve airflow over the fins. The H150i Elite is compatible with most modern CPUs, including AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper and Intel’s Core X-series.

Corsair has been one of the leading companies in producing PC components and peripherals for many years. The company’s latest product, the H150i Elite Capellix, is a 240mm all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that promises to deliver excellent performance. The cooler has a 360° RGB light ring that can be controlled by Corsair’s iCUE software, and it comes with two ML120 Pro LED fans that are capable of lighting up 16.7 million colors.


In conclusion, the best liquid CPU coolers in 2022 are the ones that can provide efficient cooling for CPUs while being as quiet as possible. Some of the top contenders in this category include the Corsair H100i v2, the NZXT Kraken X62, and the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360. If you are looking for a liquid CPU cooler that will provide great cooling performance and is also quiet, any of these eight coolers will be a great option for you.

In conclusion, liquid CPU coolers are a great option for those who want to keep their computer running smoothly. They are often more efficient than air coolers and can provide better cooling for your system. If you are looking for a new CPU cooler, be sure to consider a liquid cooler.

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