5 TOP Pc case sizes

Making a build can be a very hard process because you have to choose from an impressive amount of cases, chassis and even colors, this is going to help you on your way. Pc case sizes Whether you’re building a gaming PC, an office PC, or just looking to replace a system, the case you choose is important.

They’re critical for cooling, and finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge.The main reason why I started blogging is to help educate my readers about the things that I have learnt over the years. I always wanted to share my knowledge and experiences I have had with my readers.

Computer Case Size Comparison

Computer case sizes are an extremely important part of computer building and upgrades. For example, a full tower computer case allows for extra room to install a water cooling system and extra hard drives. That said, not everyone has the room to buy a full tower computer case.PC case sizes can be a bit confusing.

There are a number of different sizes out there and it can be hard to figure out what is right for you. That’s because you have to take into account a number of different factors. Computer case size comparison is something that almost every buyer must consider before buying a computer case. Best Air Pc Case Finding the right computer case is not easy. Even if you do find a computer case that fits your requirements, you may have to sacrifice a lot by buying a computer case that is too big.

1-Small Form Factor (Mini-ITX Case)

With most PCs being designed as towers and cubes, there is nothing left in the market for users who want something different. The market is being saturated by the beige box, with little to no innovation in the market.

Users on the other hand, want to make a statement with their PC, with looks and features. There is now a new market that is emerging in the form of Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX cases.The purpose of this blog is to go through the hardware build on a small form factor (mini-ITX case). The build features an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, and a 500GB Samsung SSD. 

2. Mini Tower (MicroATX Case)

A micro ATX case is a great alternative to the traditional ATX design as it offers a lot of the same great features but in a smaller form factor. There are also a lot of great micro ATX gaming cases out there that you can use for building your own gaming PC. But, if you are looking for a gaming case that offers some great storage options and is easy to work with, then the IN WIN 303 might be the case that you would want to consider.

Today I am reviewing the mini tower case by Deepcool. The case comes in three different colors. It is a miniature version of the TESSERACT tower case. If you know what Deepcool is known for you won’t be surprised at the price.In this blog, we will study a mini tower (microATX case) used to build the gaming machine. The case is Silverstone’s SG13. It is an affordable ATX case measuring 390mm x 200mm x 420mm that supports micro-ATX, mini-ITX motherboards.

3. Mid Tower (ATX Case)

A PC case is like the skeleton of the PC itself and it needs to be sturdy. There are different types of PC cases and they are available in different sizes. If you are looking to build a PC today, here are different cases that you can choose fromIt might sound strange to invest in a mid tower case when you’re building a gaming PC but it’s really no different to buying a mid-range smartphone if you’re going to play a game on it. You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got a case that can fit all of your gaming components,.

4. Full Tower (EATX Case)

The best gaming PCs are likely to be at least $1000, if not more. This high-end price range of the gaming PC is dominated by the full tower case. Full towers are the largest cases which support the most powerful and biggest graphics card, and the highest capacity power supplies. Full towers also support a lot of hard drives, SSDs and optical drives, as well as multiple fans, and side panels which can be removed for easy access.
blog is dedicated to give to you the best of PC gaming. A computer case is an essential part of every build. Some computer cases are designed for specific tasks such as water cooling and overclocking. Other cases are designed to look good on your desk. The best computer cases are designed to do all of this and more. 

How to choose a PC case size?

There are a lot of different PC case sizes out there and each one is better for different things. If you are thinking of buying a new PC case, then this blog is here to help you to make sure you choose the best one for you.

How to choose a PC case size? There are many things to consider when buying a case that will house your PC. It’s not as straightforward as it used to be. You need to take into account the size of your motherboard, the size of your PSU and you might even need to take into account the size of your graphics card.An ITX case is a great option for a small computer build. They take up less space than a standard ATX case and can help to keep the price of your build down.


On a budget but want to get the best computer possible? Consider the Micro-ATX case. Built for budget-minded gamers and enthusiasts, this case size has grown in popularity in recent years. Designed with a smaller footprint, Pyramid Pc Case the Micro-ATX case usually has less bays, less fans and less room for expansion. This makes it perfect for those that want to save money, but don’t want to skimp on quality.

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