wall mount pc case

wall mount pc case
wall mount pc case

A wall mounted computer case can help a lot with the decoration of a room. Having a computer on the wall can help create a modern look to any room.It’s not an easy task or a simple procedure to build your own wall mount pc case. But the good news is there are a number of wall mount pc case kits available in the market that can help you get this done In this article, we’ll give you a quick insight into what you can expect from wall mount pc case .

Further, you’ll get information about broad categories of wall mount pc case and its salient features.There are all sorts of wall mount pc case out in the market, and each of them is as unique as the people who use them. You may be asking yourself what exactly a wall mount pc case is, and why it’s necessary for you to get one for yourself

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If you’ve been shopping for a computer case lately, you’ve probably noticed that there are a number of different styles to choose from. A Unique Pc Cases lot of them look like space ships, and a few look like something out of the movie “Tron.” This blog will discuss some of these different styles and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

If a wall mount pc case is what you need, many prefer getting a well-designed case that provides a performance-oriented storage and a convenient on-demand usage. A good thing to know is that you can always find a case meant for your choice.

Thermaltake Core P3

Wall mount pc case diy

Wall mount pc case diy

The Thermaltake Core P3 is the latest addition to the core series. It has a simple but classic design that offers an amazing watercooling experience. Here’s why the Thermaltake Core P3 is the best PC case in 2019.When I heard that the Thermaltake Core P3 was releasing, I was quite excited.

If you’re familiar with the Thermaltake Core line, this should be no surprise. The Core P3 is the latest of the Thermaltake Core lineThe Core P3 is a new line of PC cases from Thermaltake which merges the design of the most powerful battle weapon, the Core P5, with the compactness of a mini ITX based chassis. It has the same hard-edge cube design of the Core P5, but in a smaller footprint of a mini ITX case.

The case features a tempered glass side panel and a PSU cover with pre-installed Riing Plus and Riing Plus 20 RGB fan to create a stylish, minimalistic interior and exterior.Thermaltake has been long known for making a lot of different products. From cases to keyboards, from fans to accessories and beyond, Thermaltake is a company that is worth paying attention to. Recently, we had a chance to take a look at their Core P3 chassis. This will be a review on their Core P3 case.

Reason To Buy


  • Thermaltake Core P3 is a pre-assembled
  •  its emphasis on performance, compatibility, and expandability.
  • Thermaltake has always been a brand dedicated 
  • Thermaltake Core P3 is a case for the latest PC hardware.

Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC case

 Wall-mount pc case thermaltake

Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC case

Meshlicious is a mini-ITX PC case that was designed for a computer with using air flow and cooling efficiency in mind. It was designed to be used in the smallest possible space of 2.5L. A second Meshlicious case can be used to make a Meshlicious desktop PC.3D printing can be used to make a lot of interesting things. You can print models, accessories, and even full-scale parts.

If you are looking for a non-traditional way to make a PC case, you may want to look at the Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC case. 3D printing a PC case allows you to create a case that is truly unique and it is easy to print more than one color for a truly interesting look.While mini-ITX motherboards have been around for a while, the mini-ITX PC case has only just started to catch on.

As hardware becomes more powerful, mini-ITX motherboards and PC cases have been made smaller and smaller. With the mini-ITX Meshlicious case from Meshify, the mini-ITX PC has gotten closer to perfection.Yes, I know they are just boxes, but there’s something about them that is so intriguing. Anyway, back to reality. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC case made by DFI.

Computing has been getting more compact and more powerful at a steady rate of change and this is expected to continue. The Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC case is a great representation of this change. It’s an ultra-compact case that is capable of housing some pretty serious hardware inside of it.

Reason To Buy

  • The Meshlicious Mini-ITX case is an affordable and functional
  • It is a mini-ITX case that is fully featured and easily expandable.
  •  It has a maximum thermal dissipation of 45W
  • controller, and a cable management system.

Thermaltake Core P5

Cheap wall mount pc case

cheap wall mount pc case

In this day and age, it is very important to store important files on the cloud. It is even more important to protect your data from any online threats. This blog will give various cloud storage options and security tips that will help you choose the right one.

Combined with the construction of these wall mount PCs, the components themselves are also important. We’ve compiled a list of the top components for wall mount PCs, followed by a purchasing guide for those looking for specific components for their systems.
A wall mount PC is an ideal and efficient solution for those looking to have a minimalist or professional setup.Get quick and easy access to the things that matter to you. With the Dynadock Xtreme Pro 3.0, you can organize your cables and charge your devices quickly and easily.

Reason To Buy

  • The PC-T80N is made of a rugged thermoplastic 
  • It is also designed to be very small so that it can sit discreetly on a desk.
  • material that makes it resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • cheap wall mount pc case – cheap wall mount pc case – cheap wall mount pc case

NZXT H510 Elite   

Open-air wall mount pc case

open-air wall mount pc case

NZXT H510 Elite is the brand new case launched by NZXT. It is a mid tower and the latest one with tempered glass panels. The case comes with a 650 watt NZXT HX650i PSU. The case has been designed to support the new Intel Skylake and offers great cooling to the components.NZXT is one of the leaders in the PC case manufacturing industry, their cases are not only stylish, but also intended to be very functional for the user. One of their newer cases is the NZXT H510 Elite. It has an almost entirely black exterior which is something that you don’t see often in the PC case industry. It also has a very unique look with a tempered glass side panel.

The NZXT H510 Elite is the newest case from NZXT. It has a clean stylish design and offers great cable management. It is really easy to build in the NZXT H510 Elite. Let’s take a closer look at the NZXT H510 Elite.If you’re looking for a premium mid-tower that offers everything you could want in a computer case and more, you’ll want to read up on the NZXT H510 Elite. This case can support ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards and comes with a ton of features you’ll love.

There are a lot of gaming cases out in the market, but there are not many that offer the level of features and style as NZXT’s new H510 Elite. NZXT has improved the H510 Elite to be more than just a gaming case, so even if you don’t want to build a gaming PC, the NZXT H510 Elite has a lot to offer. The NZXT H510 Elite is a bit of a change from NZXT’s usual lineup. It’s a full-ATX case that doesn’t have the ‘gamer’ look they usually do. Instead, it’s got a clean and classic look that would fit in most workplaces. 

Reason To Buy

  • The H510 Elite is a high-performance enclosure
  • This case has a tempered glass panel on top. 
  • It also has clean interior cable management.
  • The NZXT H510 Elite is engineered for high-performance 

Thermaltake Core P3  

 Custom wall mount pc case

 custom wall mount pc case

The market is flooded with cases, each with their own style, design and features. But, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good case.The new year is upon us and 2019 is here. With that comes many big releases from Thermaltake, one of them being the Core P3. A new ATX cube case that can hold up to 10 fans. This is technically a case review because we have managed to get our hands on one for a review. Let’s dive into this case and see what it’s all about.The Thermaltake Core P3 is a Core P3 Chassis with a Core P3 window.

Most cases out there today are just plain chassis that do not give any extras. The Thermaltake Core P3 encompasses an all-black design with a side panel window. There are two color versions, a black version and a white version. The black version has a matte finish while the white version has a glossy finish.

The window is a tinted version of the chassis itself.,One of . the recent updates from Thermaltake is the new Thermaltake Core P3 with Tempered Glass Edition. The P3 is a triple-chamber chassis that supports the latest and greatest liquid cooling system.This blog will go through the chassis and see what makes it different and unique compared to the rest of the products in the market

Reason To Buy

  • This case is designed for gamers and DIY users.
  • Thermaltake Core P3 delivers the ultimate DIY experience 
  • The Core P3 has a built-in handle and cable management.
  • Thermaltake Core P3 is the latest mid tower by Thermaltake.

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700

Feros wall mounted pc case

Cooler Master MasterFrame 700

caselabs.com, an acclaimed supplier of DIY PC cases, has unveiled its newest case series, the MasterFrame. The MasterFrame was built by Cooler Master, and the first launch model is the MasterFrame 700, a mid-tower ATX case that exemplifies the design philosophy of giving users a clean, uninterrupted view of all the components inside.To be a PC enthusiast is to be persnickety about things that may seem small to people who don’t care about PC gaming as much.

These are the little things about a PC that we might buy for ourselves but that we often don’t consider when purchasing for ourselves. One of these is the case. Cooler Master is a well-known brand, but they are mostly known for their cases, cooling and peripherals. The Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 is the third case from Cooler Master. This case comes with a tempered glass side panel, a windowed side panel and a mesh side panel. The price for this case is 79,90 Dollars On the backside you can find a 120mm exhaust fan, a 120mm intake fan and a cutout for a water cooling installation

Reason To Buy

  • The MasterFrame 700 is a sturdy and stylish
  •  The structure is made entirely of steel
  •  The MasterFrame 700 also supports graphics card up to 363mm in length,
  • while the steel cable management bar helps you keep your cables in check


1-Can you mount a PC on the wall?

I am sure that most of us want to put a PC on the wall. I know I do. I believe in the idea that PC should not be on the table. It should be at the same eye level as the TV. It should be in plain sight and blend in with the room. That way, you are more likely to use itMany people want to mount their PC on the wall. It’s possible. Some people say that a PC can be placed on the floor, or on the table or on any other flat surface. It’s not true.

The best way to place your PC is to mount it on the wall.Many people want to mount their PC on the wall. It’s possible. Some people say that a PC can be placed on the floor, or on the table or on any other flat surface. It’s not true. The best way to place your PC is to mount it on the wallA lot of people have problems with working space when they can’t get one big desk. When this happens, they will tend to connect their PC to a monitor and a keyboard to two different monitors and two different keyboards.

2-How do you mount a computer case to the wall?

A computer case is the most important part of your computer. Without it, your computer is just a paperweight. But what do you do when you need to move your computer to another room or even another floor? A computer case is not very easy to move from room to room. The job of mounting a computer case to the wall is actually a pretty easy job, especially if you have the right tools for the job. However, if you don’t have the right tools then the job can become a nightmare.

Computer cases are a great way to add decoration to your room. But they are a bit ugly, especially when they are on the ground. In this blog, we will look at how you can mount your computer case to the wall to make it look a little nicer.The builds in the case modding community are becoming more and more extravagant. From a PC that is actually a car, to a case that is a full-size AT-AT walker, the crowd-favorite at any LAN party is a case mod.

3-Which is the best case for PC?

While shopping for a new laptop, most people want to get the best bang for your buck. When buying a laptop, it’s best to get the biggest screen and longest battery life that you can afford. The best laptops usually include features like a large screen, a high resolution display and premium audio. However, the biggest factor to consider is whether a laptop or a tablet is best for you.The market is flooded with a plethora of different hardware
case and they are somewhat diverse in size and shape. Keeping the inside
components of the machine in mind, it’s difficult to find the right one.
There are different types of computer cases available in the market for
every kind of users, who consider style and appearance along with features.We all have a lot of things to carry when we travel; laptops, cables, chargers and more. But which is the best case for your needs?

4-What size is my PC case?

As this is the case for many people, I know that when I started to build my own PC I was a little apprehensive about just how many components would fit inside a PC case. I wasn’t sure what size the case was and in all honesty the first time that I got my hands on a PC case I wasn’t even sure of how big it was in the first place.PC cases have been around for a long time and have gone through many changes over the decades.

These days though there aren’t many changes in the design of cases. Most of them are still rectangular boxes with a bunch of drive bays and fanWhether you are a PC building beginner or a pro, you might have a question about the CPU tower sizing. There are many factors to be considered when you are building a PC today. The number of components you need to mount, the size of your CPU tower, the number of expansion slots and the motherboard size, just to name a few. This


As technology improves, the need for a desktop computer decreases. This is because many people use laptops and tablets. When a desktop is needed, a wall mount pc case is often used. They are easy to use and convenient. The wall mount pc case is used to store a desktop computer on the back of a monitor. Both items fit flush against the wall. These cases are convenient because they free up space on the floor.

They allow for more room for other items.I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case.

I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case. I’m hoping to really find some good information on wall mount pc case.

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